Botox for crow's feet is an ideal treatment for the aging skin with wrinkles around the eyes. The procedure is safe, effective, and results in a more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. The procedure takes between 10 to 15 minutes and has minimal discomfort or downtime. The onset of Botox results for crow's feet should be apparent after 3 to 10 days.

How much Botox is needed for you?

The number of botox units used to treat crow's feet varies on the severity and distribution of wrinkles around the eyes. The dosage of botox also impacts duration and longevity of botox results. Usually, Dr Edwin recommends injecting between 6 to 12 units of botox per eye. Results may last around three to four months. In the hands of an experienced injector, this procedure has high levels of safety and efficacy. 

What is the cost for Botox Crow’s Feet?

When considering Botox for crow's feet, you should be aware of the costs involved. The cost depends on the amount of botox required. Generally, twelve to twenty-four units in total for both eyes are needed which averages between $200 to $400 for the treatment. If you're planning on having this treatment, it's recommended that you consult with a skilled healthcare provider before deciding on the procedure.

Is there downtime after Botox Crow’s Feet?

After botox, there may be small bumps or swellings at the injection sites. These bumps contain the injected botox and will automatically diffuse into the skin. Usually, these bumps will subside after 4 to 6 hours. Hence, downtime is usually minimal. 

Post treatment, patients can wash their faces, apply skincare, and resume normal activities the next day. However, they are advised to avoid facial massages, strenuous exercises or applying direct pressure over the botox injection area for 1 day. 

Is Botox Crow’s Feet safe?

While Botox injections are very safe, they are not appropriate for everyone. They are not suitable for people with skin conditions or neuromuscular disorders. If you have any of these conditions, you should discuss the treatment with your doctor before choosing a botox treatment.

While Botox has been used for more than a century, it has only recently become widely available. It is safe for most patients and has very minimal risks when administered by a medical professional. It will last about three to four months. Depending on the dosage and method of injection, Botox crow’s feet should not affect your ability to have facial expressions and will deliver completely natural results. 

Should you do Botox Crow’s Feet?

If you are looking for an effective treatment for crow's feet, you should go for an aesthetic doctor with a reputation for excellence. While some people are concerned about the side effects of Botox, they should remember that the procedure can be very effective. In addition, the process is painless, and the recovery time is minimal. Besides that, most patients report having a smoother, refreshed appearance after treatment.

Botox for crow's feet is both a safe and effective treatment that can reduce the appearance of the wrinkles around the eyes. This treatment is noninvasive with little to no downtime. After the procedure, patients can go about their daily lives with no inconvenience. They should avoid rubbing their eyes on the day of treatment and avoid lying flat on the face or going for facial massages.

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