Juvederm Filler Singapore Guide

What are Juvederm Dermal Fillers?

Juvederm dermal fillers, also known as facial fillers in Singapore, are non-surgical cosmetic treatments used to add volume, alter the contours of the face, and fill in wrinkles. 

They are usually made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the body, that helps to maintain skin hydration and volume.

The process involves injecting the filler material beneath the skin with a fine needle or cannula. Juvederm fillers can treat a variety of concerns, including:

  • Smoothing out lines around the mouth and nose (nasolabial folds)
  • Enhancing the lips for a fuller appearance
  • Reducing the visibility of vertical lip lines
  • Enhancing the contours of the cheeks
  • Filling out depressions under the eye area

The use of dermal fillers has risen in popularity due to their effectiveness in rejuvenating the face without the need for invasive surgical procedures. They provide immediate results with minimal downtime, making them a popular choice for those seeking aesthetic enhancements.

The Juvederm range of dermal fillers are produced by Allergan, an internationally recognized pharmaceutical giant. Juvederm offers a comprehensive range of products in Singapore tailored for different facial areas, from reducing deep lines and wrinkles to enhancing lips and restoring lost volume in cheeks. 

This means that a personalized treatment plan can be designed to meet individual aesthetic needs.

The Unique Selling Point of Juvederm Dermal Fillers in Singapore

Juvederm dermal fillers stand out in the aesthetics market in Singapore for several distinct reasons:

Comprehensive Range

Juvederm offers a comprehensive range of products tailored for different facial areas, from reducing deep lines and wrinkles to enhancing lips and restoring lost volume in cheeks. This means that a personalized treatment plan can be designed to meet individual aesthetic needs.

Advanced Technology

Juvederm products are formulated using advanced Hylacross or Vycross technology, providing a smooth consistency for a natural look and feel. The fillers are also formulated with a small amount of lidocaine, a local anesthetic, to enhance patient comfort during treatment.

Long-lasting Results

Juvederm fillers typically offer longer-lasting results compared to other dermal fillers. Depending on the specific product and treatment area, the results can last from 6 months up to 2 years, offering value and convenience to patients.

High Satisfaction Rates

Juvederm dermal fillers are backed by high patient satisfaction rates. Many patients report noticeable improvements in the look and feel of their skin, leading to increased self-confidence and satisfaction with their appearance.

Safety and Effectiveness

Juvederm dermal fillers have a strong safety profile. They are FDA-approved and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Natural Composition

Juvederm fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions and contributes to the natural-looking results that can be achieved.

Different Types of Juvederm Fillers and Their Benefits

Juvederm Volux

Juvederm Volux is the latest introduction into Juvederm’s dermal filler range specifically tailored to enhance and define the chin and jawline, offering a non-surgical solution for facial sculpting. With its long-lasting effects, typically between 18-24 months, and capacity for delivering natural-looking results, it's recommended for those seeking to enhance their lower facial aesthetics.

Juvederm Voluma

Juvederm Voluma is primarily used for adding volume to the cheek area. As we age, we lose volume in the mid-face, leading to sagging skin and a less youthful appearance. By adding volume to the cheeks, Voluma XC provides a subtle lift, helps restore contour, and creates a more youthful profile. The effects typically last between 1 to 1.5 years, making it a long lasting filler in the Juvederm range.

Juvederm Volift

Juvederm Volift XC is designed to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, which are the lines that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth. Thanks to Vycross technology, Juvederm Volift provides a balance of gel firmness and low cohesivity, yielding a versatile formulation that adds subtle volume for the correction of these moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. The effects typically last up to 18 months.

Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella is commonly used for lip augmentation and for correction of wrinkles and lines. It is a softer, lighter filler that provides subtle, natural-looking results. Volbella is also popular for adding a slight volume to lips and softening the appearance of vertical lip lines. Its results typically last up to one year.

How Do Juvederm Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers, including the Juvederm range, achieve their effect by replacing volume loss that naturally occurs with aging. They work by injecting a gel-like substance beneath the skin to smooth lines, wrinkles, and folds, restore lost volume, and enhance facial contours.

The primary ingredient in most dermal fillers, including Juvederm, is hyaluronic acid (HA). This is a naturally occurring substance in the body, found in high concentrations in soft connective tissues and in the fluid surrounding your eyes. It's also present in some cartilage and joint fluids, as well as in skin tissue. The function of hyaluronic acid in the body is to bind water and to lubricate movable parts of the body, such as muscles and joints.

When hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin as a dermal filler, it acts like a sponge and expands to fill in wrinkles and folds, provide volume, and support the overlying skin. It achieves this by attracting and holding water, which hydrates the skin and increases its volume and density.

Juvederm fillers, in particular, are designed with a unique cross-linking technology, either Hylacross or Vycross, which links the hyaluronic acid molecules together. This makes the fillers more resistant to being broken down by the body and leads to longer-lasting results. In addition, this technology helps to create a smooth and malleable gel that flows easily into the skin, providing a natural look and feel.

Different types of Juvederm fillers are designed to treat different areas of the face. Some are designed for injection into the deeper layers of the skin to replenish lost volume, while others are designed for more superficial injection to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

Overall, the 'filler effect' of dermal fillers, including the Juvederm range, is achieved by injecting a volumizing substance, such as hyaluronic acid, into the skin to replace lost volume, smooth lines, and enhance facial contours, providing a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

The Juvederm Dermal Fillers Treatment Experience in Singapore


Before the treatment, your doctor will conduct a thorough consultation to discuss your concerns and aesthetic goals. This involves assessing your facial anatomy, skin quality, and areas of volume loss or wrinkle formation. Based on this assessment, a personalized treatment plan is developed.

Preparing the Skin

The treatment area will be thoroughly cleansed with an antiseptic to minimize the risk of infection. In some cases, a topical numbing cream may be applied to enhance comfort, although this is often unnecessary because Juvederm products contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic.

The Injection Process

The Juvederm filler is then carefully injected into the predetermined areas using a fine needle or cannula. The provider will inject small amounts of the filler under the skin, then massage the area to ensure the product is evenly distributed.

In some cases, the healthcare provider may use a technique called 'tunneling' or 'fanning', where one entry point is used to place the filler in multiple areas. This technique can help reduce the number of skin punctures and enhance patient comfort.

The depth of the injection depends on the type of Juvederm filler being used and the area being treated. For example, fillers used for deep volume loss may be injected into the subcutaneous layer or supraperiosteal (above the bone) layer, whereas fillers used for fine lines are injected into the superficial dermis.

Post-Injection Care

After the filler has been injected, an anti-bruising and anti-swelling cream will be applied to the treatment area to help reduce swelling. The clinic will also provide you with aftercare instructions to follow at home.

The beauty of a Juvederm treatment is the immediacy of the results – you'll likely see an improvement right after the procedure. Remember that minor swelling and bruising are normal and should resolve within a week or so.

Post-Treatment Downtime

Most patients can return to their regular activities immediately after treatment. Minor side effects like redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site are common but usually subside within a few days.

When to Expect Results

The results of Juvederm fillers are often visible immediately after treatment, with full effects observable after 1-2 weeks as any swelling or bruising subsides.

Longevity of Juvederm Dermal Fillers

The duration of results varies based on the specific filler and area of treatment, but generally, the effects can last between 9 months to 2 years.

Common Risks of Juvederm Dermal Fillers in Singapore

While generally considered safe, some risks include bruising, swelling, redness, pain, and minor lumps at the injection site. More serious complications, though rare, can include infection, allergic reactions, and vascular occlusion. Always ensure treatments are conducted by an experienced doctor to mitigate these risks.

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